an insatiably curious, creative, mechanical engineer
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My background is in a nutshell below.

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B.S. Mechanical Engineering, WPI '07, High Honors

Typically it's the letter "A" in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) and a new project that's given me cause to continue my education. I've taken grad classes at Tufts, MIT, and MassArt and I've taken online classes at Coursera and MITx. I self teach and I read voraciously.


Awkward Engineer (product)

End to end product development from concept through fulfillment, including independent product launches and Kickstarter campaigns. Distrubution is through and traditional retail channels.

Awkward Engineer (consulting)

Client engagements in both project based and hourly roles. Work has included concept generation, design sketching, CAD modeling, physical prototyping, and design for manufacture and assembly.

WrightGrid, LLC

Head of Product Development. I lead the mechanical engineering and industrial design efforts for a cell phone charging startup. Through iteration, developed a deep understanding of product requirements across the complete product lifecycle, from sale through manufacture, installation, customer use, and service. I developed the product form and worked very closely with our manufacturing partner to design for their fabrication processes.

As the company grew from a bootstrapped operation to an angel funded company, I became responsible for hiring the engineering team, mentoring the electrical and embedded engineers, and milestone and schedule planning.


Mechanical Engineering Skillset:

precision mechanism design
vibration analyis
finite element analysis
optics mounting
sheet metal design
injection molded part design
design for manufacture and assembly
BOM management
vendor management

Miscellaneous Skills:

industrial design drawing
embedded electronics
embedded programming / Arduino
PCB layout
Kickstarter marketing


Some of my projects.

Phone Charging Station

Product Development

Analog Voltmeter Clock

Product Development

Radar Dome Lift

Structural Engineering, FEA

Cookie Dunk Cup

Product Development

Panic Button Light Switch

Product Development

Plastic Case

Injection Molding, CAD

Roof Inspection Robot

Mechanism Design, Controls

Spaceborne Focus Mechanism

Vibrations, Optics


Industrial Design


How I make things.

  • Concept

    During the concept phase, I work to understand the context of the problem. I do basic research, look for analogous problems and solutions, and think how all aspects of a business are impacted. This could include branding, the marketing strategy, tooling costs, available technology, etc. Then, I get busy with my sketchbook.

  • Prototype

    The prototype phase is all about getting things done quickly, so you can learn as much as possible, as fast as possible, as cheaply as possible. Work is done using cardboard and foam, Arduinos, 3d printed parts, hobby electronics, and of course, pen and paper.

  • Looks like / works like

    The looks like/works like stage is a lot about risk reduction, settling in on the final appearance of the product and ensuring the feasability and functionality of the parts in question. It might not be exactly the same as the final product, but it's getting close.

  • Quotable Alpha

    The output of the quotable alpha stage is a design package that can be sent to manufacturers for review and quote. A great deal of design work goes into detailing designs, getting them under revision control, and prepping them for release.

  • Final design / manufacturing prep

    This stage will incorporate feedback from manufacturers, any lessons or changes from an alpha build, and culminates with a final design package to get ready to ramp up production.

  • Manufacturing Release / Support

    As part of supporting a final release items like first article inspections, test jigs, fixtures, and other items are developed. The end goal is smooth sailing as the production lines run.


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